Counter Tops

Want to update the look of your kitchen/bathroom without doing a whole lot? Something as simple as a new counter top can really change the look of a room. Below are some of the more popular types of counter top surfaces that we offer, as well as a couple of facts about them. If you have any further questions, or would like to see some samples, please call/e-mail us, or stop into our showroom to speak with one of our helpful designers.

Laminate- Laminate is one of the most cost effective counter-top options. Laminate is available in many different colors/patterns/finishes, along with a variety of different edge profiles, and back splash options. Whether you are seeking a very plain looking top, or one that resembles granite, you are almost certain to find something that suits your taste and budget. Sink options for this type of surface are fairly open. Top mount sinks are always the easiest and most affordable option. Undermount sinks are available with laminate surfaces.

Please visit Karran for the undermount options in acrylic and stainless steel.

Solid Surface- Solid acrylic surface, which depending on colors can be a step up in price from laminate. This product is offered in numerous colors, edge profiles and possibilities with a backsplash coved or set on. Unlike stone, solid surface material is non-porous; therefore it is fairly maintenance free, and does not require sealing. With this type of surface, sink can be seamlessly under mounted to the surface to create a smooth transition, which is not only beautiful but easy to clean and maintain.

Please visit Corian for more information, colors and sinks selections.

Quartz- Quartz is 90% to 93% pure natural quartz blended with a man-made resin material that creates a nonporous and nonabsorbent surface, and extremely easy to clean. Quartz surfaces do not stain or create any bacterial growth, and have the wide variety of colors and patterns that continue to grow. Sink options are endless possibilities! They range from all different types of facets; top mount/drop in sinks to undermount sinks with different options on how to reveal the sink and so on. Sink material can range from stainless, to porcelain, to granite composite, fire clay.

Please visit Cambria for more information, colors and some sink selections.

Granite- Granite is the hardest of all building stones. Granite is a natural stone that was formed by volcanic activity, cooled and compressed over years and under continuous tons of pressure. Since granite is a natural stone containing fissures, it will require occasional sealing. Granite has a very natural look that cannot be expected to look manmade. Mother Nature has created a variety of different colors and patterns in each area all over the world, edge profiles can be tailored to fit the look you are expecting in your home. Sink selections are endless like the quartz material.

Please visit Classic Marble and Stone for more information on granite, quartz and marble top selections.

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